Things I will never do with OneNote

… or things you will always need paper for. OneNote has the reputation of being the paperless solution for everything. But for being that people have to use OneNote for everything first. Let’s be honest – who does that? Well, I’m an MVP for OneNote and I don’t. Let’s say – I use OneNote for everything except for these couple of things.

thingsihateWriting down the ugly To Do’s. Writing down some task lists is what OneNote is made for. But what else give you the satisfaction to cross out the crap a hundret times and then smash the paper into trash. When there is something ugly but important to be done you should’t be able to just click the task out of your sight. It has to be obvious until the task is done. Oops, I spilled some ink on my paper. Damn it!

fractalsDrawing some extremely creative sketches. For being creative I need some paper and a pen in my hand. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I grew up with a pen and a piece of paper in my hand (I’m 29). Of course you can do things like this on a computer but it doesn’t feel quite organic and it doesn’t give you the same haptic feedback like paper does. I still have the best ideas working with paper.

loveletterWriting a letter to my girl. A personal letter becomes personal when the sender held it in his hands. Sure you can write personal letters in OneNote and send them as an e-mail but it’s not the same. Maybe this is appropriate for sending congrats to some random friends. But what makes a personal letter so special is that you took the time to write it and to bring it to the postal office.

officejokesDoing some office jokes. Working in an office would be quite hard to withstand without very funny office jokes. Since OneNote is not suitable for making paper airplanes and other funny stuff you definately need paper. It would be hard taping a tablet computer on the back of your colleague without being caught. Furthermore paper is much cheaper so you can perform multiple pranks at the same time.

correcturePay attention on formatting. OneNote is about efficient and collaborative documentation! When you are writing notes you don’t wanna take care of formating, colors, stylesheets and paragraphs. OneNote does not need conventions likes these. Just take a pen or your mouse or your keyboard or some other device and start collecting some notes. Word, PowerPoint, etc. are dealing more than enough on formatting information instead of working with them.

So, what will YOU always need paper for? Write a comment!

Written by: Karsten Ulferts

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2 Responses to Things I will never do with OneNote

  1. bunchofsage says:

    Good one! I can relate to your findings but can add one more issue: screen space. If you need to view different things simultaneously/frequently, e.g. because you often need to look up some number / date, paper is really handy because you can easily “expand the display space” by putting the paper on your desk or attach it to your monitor. It’s the same argument why one should have a multi monitor setup.

  2. Kai says:

    I need paper for my paper basket! And I need lots of papers on my table because then it looks like a lot of work..

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